General Questions

Q. What products do you offer for IT Certification exams?
Answer: PrepAcademia has various types of study material for the preparation of IT certification exams. The most prominent are Study course, Questions and Answers, PDF Study Files, practice tests to name a few. Our products comprehensively cater for your preparatory needs.

Q. Does PrepAcademia.com conduct IT certification exams too?
Answer: No. PrepAcademia.com offers only helping study material for the preparation of certifications exams. Actually, the IT certification exams are conducted only by the vendors who offer them.

Q. Can you suggest me which certification I should get?
Answer: PrepAcademia.com does not provide any information on it. In fact, the certifications exam are opted as per the needs of niches in which IT professionals are working. The certifications enhance their knowledge and skills and provide them better career opportunities.  

Q. Do you think that PrepAcademia’ Questions & Answers are enough to pass the certification exam?
Answer: There is no reason to doubt it. Our Questions and Answers contain the best information on the entire syllabus in an easy to understand language. Our content is tested and verified by the eminent experts. The quality of our Q&A and the success rate of our clients encourage us to offer a money back guarantee on our products. This claim manifests our confidence and reflects also the usefulness of our products.


Guarantee, Support & Updates

Q. For how long can I claim money back offer on the product I bought from PrepAcademia.com?
Answer: The time limit for money back claim is 30 days from the date of purchase of the dump. However, you can have the product with you for life time.

Q. When do you update your products and how much relevant they are with the actual exam?
Answer: Our products are updated at regular basis and are enhanced in line with the changes introduced in syllabus of any certification. This is the reason that our products are always relevant with your actual needs.  

Q. Will I pay for the updates you will send to me?
Answer: No. All the updates sent by PrepAcademia.com are free of charge for 90 days from date of purchase. After 90 days you have to pay 50% to get the updates.

Q. I received an update from you but the questions and answers in it are the old ones. What do you suggest me?
Answer: Such things happen when the files are cached on your system. The best solution is to delete all the old files and then restart the system. Now start downloading and you will get the new updates.

Q. Will I continue to get facilities of support & guarantee, once my licence gets expired?
Answer: No. The only way is to get these facilities is to renew your licence. PrepAcademia provides 50% discount on renewal. Once you get your licence refreshed, you will have another 90 days to use it.

Q. I have already used your Study course files but this time, the file I got has lesser number of Questions than the previous product. Why is it so? And will they be enough to pass the exam?
Answer: The reason is that our products are regularly updated. If our experts think that a question is no more relevant to the actual exam needs, it is removed. Hence the number of questions varies time to time in our PDF files.


Payments & Product Downloads:

Q. What mode of payment, you prefer?
Answer: The preferred modes of payments with us are all type of Credit/Debit cards.

Q. I am facing a problem in sending you payment. The screen displays “unauthorized” message. What should I do?
Answer: First check that you have filled up all the blanks on the page correctly. Secondly, contact our customers’ support or live chat to solve this issue. You can also use another option for payment as well, other than the one you are trying now.

Q. Do you have any special offer?
Answer: Time and again, PrepAcademia introduces various special discount offers that facilitate our customers to buy our products. To be benefited with such offers, you need to check our website occasionally. If you are already a client of PrepAcademia.com, you will be sent information on all such discount offers through email.

Q. From where can I download my purchased PDF file?
Answer: Downloading product file is quite easy. Login in your member’s area and there you will find option for the PDF and Testing Engine. Once you click on then you can download your required product. Click the download button and you will get your ordered file within seconds.

Q. How much time it takes to get the product download after payment?
Answer: You can download it instantly, once you make your payment and get the confirmation e-mail from us.

Q. What if I forget my password and can’t access my account on your website?
Answer: Well. For that you need to go to page https://www.prepacademia.com/forgotpass.html
and fill up information there. You will get a new password within no time.

Q. Is my personal and credit information is safe on your website?
Answer: PrepAcademia.com guarantees you that all personal information of clients; their credit card details, transactions, emails address are 100% secure at PrepAcademia.com. We do not store any credit/debit card information on our website as it is handled by our Payment merchant.

Q. What is difference between Unlimited Access and Reseller Access?
Answer: Unlimited Access comes with Unlimited Access of all Exams available on our website but 10 exams per week. You can not use multiple geographic IPs to download the exams else your access will be blocked.
For Reseller Access you can download any exam multiple time and there is no time limit at all. You can also put your own logo and resell the exams.


Miscellaneous Questions

Q. What are System requirements to get an easy download of your products?
Answer: There is no particular system requirement to download and run the products of PrepAcademia.com. We offer our study material in an easy to operate PDF format that can be easily run on all commonly used operating systems. However our Testing Engine is Windows compatible and requires Windows XP, Visa, 7, or 10.

Q. What is your money back offer?
Answer: It is the most amazing offer made by PrepAcademia.com and displays our confidence on the worth and effectiveness of our preparatory material. Our experts think that if you pay full attention to the contents in our questions and answers, there is no reason that you will lose your exam. But in case it happens, you can take back your money by entering your claim. Check procedural details on our Guarantee page.

Q. What is the specific time period to get back money, if I fail the exam?
Answer: You have to enter you claim within 30 days from the date of product purchase.