How to Pass Your BA1 Exam!

Who doesn’t want a successful career? And isn’t that exactly why you came here! We understand your need to quickly make it to the top, enjoy that well-settled life with a prosperous future along with that well-paying job you always wanted.

CIMA BA1 Study Material here can definitely help you with that.

CIMA BA1 is a 2-hour computer-based certification exam containing 60 objective test question. Whether you’re new to business economics or have had experience this test is extremely hard to pass. Through an estimate, it was found out that only 71% of candidates were able to pass the exam in 2017.

Let’s make you one of that 71 % with our CIMA BA1 Sample Questions. Given you are provided proper guidance and you set a routine your chances to make through test will increase. To main things to carve in mind are:

  • Familiarize yourself with the whole syllabus
  • Practice CIMA BA1 Exam Questions enough to grasp the concept and learn to tactfully overcome difficulties.

This is what we are offering!

  • Easily accessible CIMA BA1 Study Material
  • More than 500 CIMA BA1 Exam Questions to practice
  • Regular updates and latest exam content
  • CIMA BA1 Notes exactly like the real exam.
  • CIMA BA1 PDF Follow the Pattern of Actual Exam
  • Downloadable and Printable CIMA BA1 Study Material with the attractive user interface.
Key Features Free BA1 Single Mock BA1 Full Practice Kit 500 Q&A BA1 Complete Course
Price free $11.99 $69.99 $59.99
Online access lifetime 3 Months 6 Months 6 Months
Instant access
Number of quality questions 20-30q from chapter 1 (Kaplan study book)
+ 8q sample mock
60q included in the mock 500+ 600+
Study mode with no time limit, instant feedback for the chapter 1 60q included in the mock for all parts and chapters for all parts and chapters
Exam mode - time-limited, feedback upon completion
Number of mocks 1 with 8qs 1 complete with 60q unlimited unlimited
Split of questions according to syllabus weights
Detailed test feedback
Based on current Kaplan study book
Access to tutor-managed support group
7-day money back guarantee + pass assurance
Upgrade option (with a discount)
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Comprehensive Training

An extensive range of Exam Questions to practice and learn all the essential topics of your exam.

Learning Or Assessment

For your convenience and ease, we offer two types of training mode contextual learning and practice test assessment.

Practice per Section/Chapter

Practice Questions are divided according to a specific topic from the exam. Each section of practice targets an individual aspect of your exam.

Kaplan Study Materials

All Question is the study material is according to the latest exam contents.

Single Study Test

You can take one study test involving 60 question to assess your standing.

Unlimited Sample Questions

You can upgrade and get access to an unlimited range of Sample Questions ranging from 30-60 test questions.