GED Mathematical Reasoning

Mathematical Reasoning
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GED: Mathematical Reasoning

This portion of the GED test measures the candidate’s practical problem solving skills around a mathematical context. As it tests the mathematical reasoning skills it covers a wide range of topics including quantitative and algebraic reasoning. It’s a 90-minute test involving 46 questions as following:

  • Quantitative Reasoning / 45%: this section includes problems per positive and negative whole numbers, decimals & fractions, ratios & proportions, percentage, data & statistics and geometric measurements.
  • Algebraic Reasoning / 55%: this section includes expressions, polynomials, inequalities, equations including linear & quadratic equations, patterns and functions. Different layouts are arranged to test evaluating, solving, and graphing algebraic values.

A candidate must score equivalent or more to 145 for passing the GED Mathematical Reasoning Test and to earn a high school equivalency diploma.