GED Language Arts

Language Arts
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GED: Language Arts

This portion is all about language Arts as the name suggests you will test for your reading and writing skills. The test takes about 21/2 hours to solve 46 questions that are given to test:

  • Reading & Thinking Skills: This part involves questions answers with single and paired set of passages.
  • Language Skills: This part involves analyzing the written text for selecting the correct set of words and phrases to produce a proper argument.
  • Writing Skills: This part needs you to give quick responses to questions asked by reading the passages. Passages may be one or two or even accompanied by graphics.

The Exam is subdivided into two parts, the first consists of Reading and Language Questions which is of around 45 minutes and the other section is for the Written Extended Response. There is a 10-minute break before the second section.

A candidate must score equivalent or more to 145 for passing the GED Reasoning through Language Arts Test and to earn a high school equivalency diploma.